As the primary trustee of your shipment‭, ‬Issaco guarantees that all commodities are organized and distributed to be handled by its well-trained staff‭. Effectively keeps track of all receipt and delivery operations of valuable commodities pursuant to the protocol of their transport‭. We work in Issaco based upon an accurate timely tracking module to keep control over the service in keen and effective manner.

Road Shipping

Since road shipping is one of the most sustainable‭, ‬flexible and economic types of shipping‭, ‬Issaco provides complete and partial shipping services‭, ‬Issaco provides major types and sizes of road shipping trucks whether for complete or partial‭, ‬dry or refrigerated shipping‭. ‬Road trucks are provided for shipping among GCC or neighboring countries upon request.

Issaco Marine Shipping

Since marine shipping is the most appropriate option for large and big-volume international shipments‭, ‬Issaco has contracted with a number of world’s major marine shipping companies in order to provide its clients with the best services possible in such a vital field and fulfill their requirements of marine shipping in terms of complete or partial shipments‭. ‬Issaco also provides different types of shipping containers such as open-top containers‭, ‬refrigerated containers‭, ‬flat containers‭, ‬etc.

Air Shipping

Air shipping is the fastest way to deliver valuable or urgent shipments to their destinations‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬Issaco has leveraged its professional team to the highest levels of efficiency to provide the best logistic solutions to its esteemed customers and render world class air shipping services that meet their needs of commercial air shipping‭, ‬including refrigerated shipping‭, ‬aboard‭ ‬passenger or freight aircrafts.
We have high expertise in air shipping starting from booking the earliest flights through our professional staff to providing all the logistic services to the receipt of the shipment and getting it ready for delivery at airports within the set timetables.

Integrated‭ Shipping

Integrated‭ door-to-door Shipping
We excel in rendering integrated‭ (‬door-t-door‭) ‬shipping services to our clients‭. ‬This includes all the export-import formalities‭ ‬in both departure and destination countries with all the transport‭, ‬clearance‭, ‬packaging and storing processes in between‭. ‬also‭ ‬we applie the latest computer systems and smart applications for data entry and processing‭, ‬invoicing and reporting and shipment tracking‭. Through our qualified staff‭, ‬we receive the shipment and we handle it in a professional manner from A to Z‭. ‬Moreover‭, ‬Issaco has‭ ‬door-to-door shipping offers for its clients in GCC countries‭. ‬Such offers cover receiving the shipment from the client’s premises‭, ‬custom clearance‭, ‬insuring upon the shipment‭, ‬receipt and delivery documentation formalities whether at the airports‭, ‬on the border‭, ‬or at the ports in addition to securing storing and packaging facilities‭.

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