Historical overview

In the heart of Dubai, the capital of trade and business in the Middle East, Issaco Group, owned by the Issa family, was launched in 1989 to grow along with the architectural and economic renaissance of Gulf Countries in general and the United Arab Emirates in particular. We started at Issaco Shipping operation as a distinguished option for many of our clients within GCC to become one of the highly reliable shipping companies there. Today, As Usual, We keep growing to cover Road, Marine, Air Shipping, Logistic Services in Middle East countries, Egypt, Turkey and even China.

We have started locally‭, ‬Succeeded regionally‭, And aspire globally

Ahmad Mohamad Eissa
Founding Father

” Realizing the Harmony among family values‭, ‬work challenges‭, ‬customer satisfaction and awareness of competitiveness has always been‭, ‬and will remain‭, ‬the approach in which we believe and commit ourselves to “

Mohamad Ahmad Eissa
Partner‭, ‬Managing Director

” The long list of our customers who are satisfied with our services and performance is the thing we are proud of the most in our‭ ‬career‭. ‬We endeavor to keep this tradition and add to it generation after generation “

Tamim Ahmad Eissa
Partner‭, ‬Managing Director

” The fruits of our success in providing shipping services over three decades are the distinction in providing effective logistic‭ ‬solutions to many clients and suppliers‭. ‬We need to keep our expansion and reach “

Allaa Eddin Tawfik Ainawi
Chief Executive Officer

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