About Us


We Bridge Distances, We Deliver Dreams


Over more than three decades‭, ‬Issaco‭, ‬a leading air‭, ‬sea and road shipping services company‭, ‬has managed to become one of the top and best companies working in such vital and sensitive field and to have a high standing with its clients‭.‬

What do we offer?

In Issaco we meet major client’s requirements‭, ‬we cop with new market trends and advances in storing‭, ‬distribution‭, ‬transit‭, ‬export and import operations‭, ‬and‭ ‬we handle all custom clearance procedures for all kinds of supplies while also finalizing all required formalities with all respective bodies‭.

Issaco Method

Our work does not stop at loading your shipment to trucks or containers‭. ‬It certainly goes beyond that since our approach is to‭ ‬fully understand your work and its challenges‭, ‬estimate your needs‭, ‬and then‭, ‬innovatively offer a proper solution and carry it‭ ‬out in a timely manner.‬

Exceptional Skills

We work on coming up with a strategy of solutions for the logistic supply chains that fit you and add value to your business‭ ‬through an integrated working team with exceptional skills‭.‬

Leaders & Team

We have highly qualified managers‭, ‬skillful administrative team and highly devoted‭, ‬well-trained staff‭. ‬Moreover‭, ‬In Issaco we have the versatility based on two factors‭: ‬first of all‭, ‬our understanding of the changing business environment‭, ‬and second‭, ‬our‭ ‬belief that there are no such identical logistic solutions for all kinds of supplies‭. ‬What else‭? ‬Since we are successful and endeavor to maintain it‭, ‬we always aspires for long-term business relations with our clients based on mutual benefits‭. ‬Ultimately‭, ‬we possess what is exactly required to leverage your business to unprecedented levels‭.‬

Our Goals

We seek to be the most preferred option for our clients in fields of shipping and logistics. Since the incorporation, we have chosen to excel in such fields and to keep the faith in the fact that our success is parallel to its clients’ success and is good and beneficial for all.

We believe in Issaco that clients’ interaction with us and their loyalty to us through the services we avail allow it to maintain us leading role on the long run.

Our Vision

To apply Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria on all our operations and services for a better future to next generations.‬

Our Mission

To excel in providing professional and efficient logistic solutions that are specially based on the needs of each and every client‭.‬

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