Over more than three decades‭, ‬Issaco‭, ‬a leading air‭, ‬sea and road shipping services company‭, ‬has managed to become one of the top and best companies working in such vital and sensitive field and to have a high standing with its clients‭.‬

  • What do we offer?

    In Issaco we meet major client's requirements‭, ‬we cop with new market trends and advances in storing‭, ‬distribution‭, ‬transit‭, ‬export and import operations‭, ‬and‭ ‬we handle all custom clearance procedures for all kinds of supplies while also finalizing all required formalities with all respective bodies‭.
  • Issaco Method

    Our work does not stop at loading your shipment to trucks or containers‭. ‬It certainly goes beyond that since our approach is to‭ ‬fully understand your work and its challenges‭, ‬estimate your needs‭, ‬and then‭, ‬innovatively offer a proper solution and carry it‭ ‬out in a timely manner.‬
  • Exceptional Skills

    We work on coming up with a strategy of solutions for the logistic supply chains that fit you and add value to your business‭ ‬through an integrated working team with exceptional skills‭.‬
  • Leaders & Team

    We have highly qualified managers‭, ‬skillful administrative team and highly devoted‭, ‬well-trained staff‭. ‬Moreover‭, ‬In Issaco we have the versatility based on two factors‭: ‬first of all‭, ‬our understanding of the changing business environment‭, ‬and second‭, ‬our‭ ‬belief that there are no such identical logistic solutions for all kinds of supplies‭. ‬What else‭? ‬Since we are successful and endeavor to maintain it‭, ‬we always aspires for long-term business relations with our clients based on mutual benefits‭. ‬Ultimately‭, ‬we possess what is exactly required to leverage your business to unprecedented levels‭.‬